Retail Therapy

pile of dice

Nothing is quite as fun as getting stuff. Especially stuff in quantity. I’m sure exactly how I will use these—the obvious is to do a hands-on simulation of exponential decay, but I bet I can come up with something cooler.

A first draft: “We’ve taked about craps, a game that uses two dice. Most games with dice use two dice. Suppose you wanted to design a game that used two hundred dice. What could it be?”

Anyway, I’ve had it on my list to buy dice because I just think I ought to have a lot of them for this class. You veterans probably already have your dice in vast quantities, but for the record, in Summer 2010, the best deal I coud find was at, of all places, Amazon. $11.70 per hundred. These are the translucent, full-sized red ones in the photo. A little more expensive, but with more variety, is a product from Chessex (also cheapest at Amazon in my searching) called “pound-o-D6,” which incudes about 100 dice (seconds, but who cares?) in various colors and sizes, mostly a little smaller than the red ones.

Author: Tim Erickson

Math-science ed freelancer and sometime math and science teacher. Currently working on various projects.

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