Tim Erickson
Epistemological Engineering (or “eeps media”)
5269 Miles Avenue
Oakland, CA 94618-1044

customer at eeps dot com

2 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Hi Tim,
    Our paths crossed several times back in the 1980’s with the Northern California Math Project at UCD. I retired in June from Sierra College, having taught math there for the last 30 years of my forty year career. You might remember that I’m the author of the book Crossing the River with Dogs, a problem solving textbook.
    Back in the 80’s, I found out that you were a fellow car rallye aficionado. Now that I’m retired, I’ve gotten interested in rallyes again. The Rallye Club in the south bay area is throwing virtual rallyes using google maps during the quarantine, and I’ve done the last two. I got some of my math colleagues at Sierra to do the last one. One of those colleagues, Jill Rafael, teaches a liberal arts math class and teaches graph theory. She thought it would be perfect to assign her students a short car rallye. I remembered that in your book Off and Running you had a couple of pages about car rallyes. Would it be possible for you to email me those pages?
    I hope you are well. Retirement is great, although I wish we could travel.

    Ken Johnson

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