Sites with Data

  • DASL, the Data and Story Library. A great collection, recently remastered.
  • Great stuff about kids from the Annie E Casey foundation. Not microdata, but still good.
  • State health facts from the Kaiser Family Foundation.
  • FARS. Terrifying microdata (use their query tool) from NHTSA’s Fatal Accident Reporting System.
  • NHANES (at eeps). National health survey data from 2002–2003. Choose attributes and sample size, and download or do the magic Fathom drag!
  • ACS (at eeps). American Community Survey data. 20,000+ Californians from 2013.

News Articles


Scholarly Articles

  • George Cobb’s article, A Ptolemaic Curriculum. This lays out the idea that we should teach beginning inferential statistics using randomization.

Web-based Software

Installed software

  • Fathom, The Concord Consortium
  • TinkerPlots, Key Curriculum Press


  • Chance & Rossman, Workshop Statistics
  • Starnes & Yates, The Practice of Statistics
  • Olsen, Devore, Peck, Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis
  • Freedman, Statistics

Books of Activities and Problems

These are all by me, so it’s really easy for me to use them.

  • Data in Depth
  • Fifty Fathoms
  • The Model Shop, Volume 1 (formerly EGADs): Functions from Geometry. Amazon. From eeps!.
  • The Fathom Guide to The Practice of Statistics
  • United We Solve. Math problems for groups.
  • Get It Together. More math problems for groups.
  • A Den of Inquiry. Data- and math-rich labs for physics.

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