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The Index of Clumpiness, Part Two

Last time, we discussed random and not-so-random star fields, and saw how we could use the mean of the minimum distances between stars as a measure of clumpiness. The smaller the mean minimum distance, the more clumpy. What other measures … Continue reading

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How Good is the Bootstrap?

There has been a lot of happy chatter recently about doing statistical tests using┬árandomization, both in the APStat listserve and at the recent ICOTS9 conference. But testing is not everything inferential; estimation is the other side of that coin. In … Continue reading

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An Unexpected Expected-Value Problem, and What Was Wrong With It

It’s such a joy when my daughter asks for help with math. It used to happen all the time; it’s rare now. She just started medical school, and had come home for the weekend to get a quiet space for … Continue reading

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