WCYDWT: World’s Fastest Clapper

You may have seen this, but I look at it as:

  • A chance to see if I can embed video
  • An homage to dy/dan
  • A way to thank the original poster, Simon Job, of Oz, who won the Annual Report contest for 2008.
  • A way to poke the Fathomistas to see if we can ever get audio from MP3s or on-board mikes to act like a Vernier microphone so we can collect the data!
  • A really interesting measurement task. And I love measurement.

One thing I love about this is that it immediately evokes Dan Meyer’s perplexity: did he get the rate he claims? Another is that it’s a clear win for technology. And another is that you just know that kids will (a) be impressed and (b) want to try it themselves.

Here is Simon’s original post with this video, which includes a link to an actual lesson and instructions for using the technology he used.

Me, I’m gonna try WireTap Studio, my audio-gleaner of choice. I’d look for something free, but this I already have.

    Author: Tim Erickson

    Math-science ed freelancer and sometime math and science teacher. Currently working on various projects.

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